ACORD Data Standards

ACORD Technical Data Standards will be used to populate the Core Data Record (CDR) and other key data

What are ACORD Data Standards?

ACORD is an international insurance data standards body which provide technical data standards to the global insurance industry. The London market will utilise ACORD’s global technical standards to enable digital processing. Specifically, ACORD’s Contract Risk and Pre-accounting (CR&P) will enable provision of the CDR while EBOT and ECOT will enable provision of claims and accounting data.

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User journey

ACORD Data Standards are used in both the open market placement and open market claims journey.

Further information

Discover more information on the data standards on ACORD’s website. You’ll need an ACORD licence to view the full details of the standards. Please contact ACORD or your trade association for further details on how to obtain a licence.

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