Phase one

Be ready for cutover to phase one digital services

What is phase one?

For phase one, Velonetic will move all customers to a new single digital platform and processing services for open market and delegated authority business. 

Phase one introduces data-centric, agile, and secure capabilities, including London market premiums and claims processing service (sequence three) and delegated authority premiums and claims processing (sequence four) services.

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What's changing? 

Understand the key changes that need to be implemented by market firms in phase one of Blueprint Two.  

Changes by role
Overview of phase one changes

There are five key changes that need to be implemented by market firms in order to utilise the new digital processing platform, and to continue transacting in the London market: 

Market gateway (ASG Adept)

Requirement to connect to the market gateway for all messaging​


Standard EDI messages in digital phase one will not undergo changes, but customised messages may be affected​

New digital market services

Market firms will have access to new digital processing services (IPOS and ICOS), replacing all existing portals​

Project and change management

Ongoing project and change management is required from market firms to implement the changes​


Reporting management will undergo changes, introducing a self-serve approach, with all existing reports accessible through the QlikSense reporting tool​


Keep up to date with our two-stage testing framework, involving early user testing with a select group (Vanguard) and self-service testing for all market participants.

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How to get ready 

Explore our resources to help you prepare your firm for phase one changes.

Changes by role

Implementing change

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