Phase two

From April 2025, market firms will be able to adopt a full digital approach

What is phase two?

Phase two digital processing services will go live in April 2025, enabling the market to work in a fully digital environment once the Digital Gateway risk service goes live (sequence five), also in April 2025. This will provide capability to support fully digital placement of risk.

Man standing beside the number two

When to adopt phase two

Following adoption of phase one services in 2024, market participants can then choose when to move from phase one to phase two at a time that is right for their business, subject to a final cutover date which is yet to be confirmed.

We encourage you to adopt phase two digital services across all areas of your business simultaneously. 

The simplest and most practical transition approach is to adopt phase two full digital services in a single block for all your business.

What is changing? 

Understand the key changes that need to be implemented by market firms in phase two of Blueprint Two.  

Overview of phase two changes

In addition to the changes as a result of phase one, there are four key changes for phase two. These need to be implemented by market firms in order to fully utilise the new digital processing platform, and to continue transacting in the London market from April 2025.


  • Ability to submit transactions through new standards (e.g. ACORD, EBOT and ECOT)
  • Adoption of Core Data Record (CDR) data standards


  • Capability to receive processing outputs and notifications, including query management through ACORD standard, EBOT and ECOT messages


  • Increased automation, with Velonetic technicians continuing to process, sign and settle transactions

New digital market services

  • Access to the full digital service platform
  • A new digital processing platform that will enable the creation of a digital record