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Training material to support your adoption and implementation of the Blueprint Two solutions

Phase one digital services will go live in a single market cutover at a target date of October 2024. 

There are actions that firms will need to take to get ready for the adoption and implementation of new services in 2024, which includes consideration of the potential implications on processes and people. Our training material is your guide to navigating the Blueprint Two solutions. We want to ensure that your organisation is prepared and well equipped for success.

Velonetic education

In a Market Communication issued on 3 April 2024, we shared that the first iteration of User Manuals for the following systems are now available on the Velonetic Education learning platform:

  • Digital Processing Platform for premiums, previously referred to as IPOS (International Premium Orchestration Service)
  • The Digital Processing Platform for claims, previously referred to as ICOS (International Claims Orchestration Service)
  • Document Repository (currently referred to as the Insurers’ Market Repository) 
  • User Administration
  • Reporting (Qliksense)

These User Manuals are developed on an iterative basis using the information available at the time of publication (March 2024), and are provided in versions for brokers, carriers, and managing agents. As additional information becomes available, this will be collated for inclusion in future iterations. Further iterations will be provided until the cutover to phase one of the new digital processing services, currently forecast for October 2024, at which time final versions will be issued and communicated. We ask our customers to speak with their internal User Administrator if they require access to the Velonetic Education learning platform.

This release follows the first module 'User Administration' issued on Friday 1 March 2024 when we launched our new learning platform to support the adoption and implementation of phase one digital processing services (DPS) for the Lloyd’s and Company markets. This module provides instructions to designated DPS User Administrators on four key areas:

  1. Accessing the ‘Parties’ application to enable user administration.
  2. Providing access to DPS systems for new users within your organisation.
  3. Editing user profiles and managing access to digital processing services.
  4. Removing user access.

As referred in our Market Communications with customers, we held virtual drop-in sessions for DPS User Adminstrators on Monday 4, Tuesday 5, and Wednesday 6 March. We will share Q&A in the Velonetic Education learning platform in early April.

Further training modules and user guides will become available over the coming months and details will be shared in market communications, including this webpage.

As shared at the recent Blueprint Two market event on Monday 26 February 2024 (please see the slides), we will be providing:

User Manuals: Documents that are designed to inform end users how the systems support our services. First iterations available with information available as at 28 March 2024.

Self-paced eLearning modules: Designed to allow learners to progress through the material at their own pace and on their own schedule via our new learning platform.

Instructor led: Instructor-led face-to-face tutorials method where course content and learning material are taught to a group of people either in person or virtually. 

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Velonetic education

Market training material

On Tuesday 26 March, we published an update to the ‘Change context’ market training material issued in January. We have included a new section on customer help services, and we have taken the opportunity to review and update other areas. For ease of reference, we have included a summary of updates on slide 20.

‘Change context’ offers insights and practical techniques for a seamless transition to the new digital platform and processing services. Users can dive into essential aspects of the digital processing services lifecycle, covering:

  • Market Reform Contract v3 (MRC v3)
  • Premium Submissions
  • Claims
  • Queries
  • Reporting
  • Customer help services

Please note that the information provided in 'Change context' is valid as at 26 March 2024.

We strongly encourage you to identify the stakeholders impacted by the upcoming changes and ensure that training material are shared with the right people. Please provide us with feedback.

Change context

Changing behaviour

Key take aways from training material March 2024

Next steps

Identify the stakeholders impacted by the upcoming changes.

Ensure that training material are shared with the right people. Please note that the material is subject to Velonetic’ s Terms & Conditions, which includes copyright.

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