Testing is key to ensure the market is ready when phase one goes live

Three pillars of testing

To support the market with adoption, and also to give confidence in the new digital solutions, Velonetic has put a comprehensive testing framework in place that will run alongside the build through three test pillars:



Early connectivity, functionality and end-to-end business scenario testing with early adopters group.

coordinated v3


Testing all end-to-end processes, defined by Velonetic and LIMOSS.



Testing of scenarios tailored to customer requirements, supported by Velonetic.

Testing framework

On the 25th of March 2024, we published the comprehensive overview of the testing framework for Blueprint Two. The intent is to provide a baseline explanation and understanding of the multi-layered testing framework, and its linkage through to vanguard and customer testing. For completeness, we have also included content on vendor testing and availability of the bespoke messaging formats.

We've included a summary of the testing results to date, and an explanation of the defect management process. We intend to update and republish this area of the deck every two to four weeks to ensure transparency and accessibility of the testing process to all market participants.

Overview of the testing framework

Vanguard testing

The Vanguard group has been set up to test real world implementations of the new digital services ahead of wider adoption, and has three main objectives.

Provide confidence through testing business scenarios with market participants

Identify best practice across onboarding, internal operations (etc.) for phases one and two

Provide a platform to refine training content and approach

Vanguard confirmed participants:

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Testing events

We endeavour to hold a number of events over the next few months to support the market with testing and provide an opportunity to ask questions. View our recent events:

Useful documents

Explore our published documents to keep you informed with the latest on testing to support you in your adoption journey.

Vanguard specific:

Customer testing specific:

Testing reports:

We want to ensure we keep you updated with how Vanguard testing is progressing. At the market event on the 25th of February, we announced that we are committed to Vanguard and are resetting the programme. We will continue to report the progress of Vanguard alongside testing on a regular basis moving forward.

Testing reports will be provided every two weeks and are only available to be accessed via the data room.