Testing is key to ensure the market is ready when phase one goes live

To support the market with adoption, and also to give confidence in the new digital solutions, Velonetic (previously known as the London Market Joint Ventures) has a comprehensive testing framework in place that will run alongside the build. The Velonetic testing framework features two stages: 

  • Early-user testing with a select group of market participants called the Vanguard group

  • Two models of self-service testing for all market participants (coordinated and enhanced)

Vanguard testing

The  Vanguard group has been set up to test real world implementations of the new digital services ahead of wider adoption, and has three main objectives.

Provide confidence through testing business scenarios with market participants

Identify best practice across onboarding, internal operations (etc.) for phases one and two

Provide a platform to refine training content and approach

  • The Vanguard test environment is now ready, with initial connectivity testing already in flight

  • Vanguard participants are currently piloting the training approach

  • Vanguard testing will ramp up through Q1 2024 with early functionality testing

  • See the latest updates, reports, demo videos and customer stories (when available) below

Vanguard participant logos
Latest updates

15th March 2024

Vanguard vendor testing

To support vendors in their adoption of the Digital Processing Services (DPS), on the 14 March we distributed the Vanguard vendor testing approach to 31 vendors. This includes the plans and actions required to enable their adoption. Please review the Vanguard vendor testing guide and liaise with your vendor and engagement partner for further planning and information.

Vanguard vendor testing 

Customer testing

The test and learn approach with the Vanguard programme could reduce the amount of testing other market participants will need to undertake. Testing for all Velonetic customers will begin in April 2024, avoiding the peak renewal season. 

Latest updates

Last updated: 25 March 2024

On 25 March, we published the comprehensive overview of the testing framework for Blueprint Two. The intent is to provide a baseline explanation and understanding of the multi-layered testing framework, and its linkage through to Vanguard and customer testing.  For completeness we have also included content on vendor testing and availability of the bespoke messaging formats.

We've included a summary of the testing results to date, and an explanation of the defect management process. We intend to update and republish this area of the deck every two to four weeks to ensure transparency and accessibility of the testing process to all market participants. 

There is a significant amount of information in this pack, and no doubt it will raise questions and queries.  We will run a couple of drop-in surgeries to answer questions, but we recommend you initially direct your questions to your Customer Relationship Manager/Engagement Partner or to Kerry Rainer.

Overview of Testing Framework 

Previous updates

On 20 February 2024, Velonetic issued a communication to its customers requesting registrations of interest in the enhanced testing service. This included a link to an information pack that provides more detail on the enhanced testing service, including the scope, overall timeline, menu of business scenarios, and who to contact to discuss further, which you can find below.

View the information pack

You will also find below a December 2023 overview of the customer testing framework being developed with LIMOSS to enable the market to test that their process, technology and data work with the new platform, and accept it is fit-for-purpose.

Customer testing overview


QAA and governance

Quality assessment, assurance, and governance ahead of market cutover

As shared at the Blueprint Two market event on 11 December 2023, we are finalising a robust sign-off process ahead of market cutover to phase one digital processing services. In this pack, we share information about the three decision gates to provide assurance ahead of market cutover, including the approach to quality assessment, assurance, and governance. Following the update to slide 5 on 2 February 2024 to reflect the confirmed dates for the various governance forums, on 6 March 2024 we removed the banner on slides 4 and 5 as the content now also reflects IUA and company market governance.

Robust sign-off process ahead of market cutover