Testing is key to ensure the market is ready when phase one goes live on 1 July 2024

To support the market with adoption, and also to give confidence in the new digital solutions, Velonetic (previously known as the London Market Joint Ventures) has a comprehensive testing framework in place that will run alongside the build. The Velonetic testing framework features two stages: 

  • Early-user testing with a select group of market participants called the Vanguard group

  • Self-service testing for all market participants

Vanguard testing

The  Vanguard group has been set up to test real world implementations of the new digital services ahead of wider adoption, and has three main objectives.

Provide confidence through testing business scenarios with market participants

Identify best practice across onboarding, internal operations (etc.) for phases one and two

Provide a platform to refine training content and approach

What you can expect from the Vanguard programme

  • Demo videos of tests and customer stories in early 2024
  • Reports published after each test phase
  • Regular updates at market events
Vanguard participant logos

Please get in touch with our Vanguard leadRay Johnstonto book an adoption workshop now.

Market self-testing

The test and learn approach with the Vanguard programme could reduce the amount of testing other market participants will need to undertake. Self-service testing for all market participants will begin in March 2024, avoiding the peak renewal season. 

We will be sharing more information on market self-testing in 2024.

Testing timeline

  • October 2023

    Technology and ACORD testing and sequence two testing

  • December 2023

    Parties and settlement testing

  • January 2024

    Reporting, DRI and EDI message testing

  • March 2024

    Self-service testing available

  • April 2024

    End-to-end phase one testing

  • July 2024

    End-to-end phase two testing