User journeys

Worked scenarios that provide the next level of detail for the digital solutions and services  

The purpose of these journeys is to help you gain a greater understanding of the phase one and phase two digital journeys. They can help you identify the most effective approach for your organisation to be ready for cutover to phase one digital services with a target date of October 2024, and phase two from April 2025. 

This updated user journey document focuses on the phase one user journey only, and a phase two user journey will be issued as we progress the build of digital services.

The journey should be read alongside the phase one adoption guide and the Blueprint Two working sessions.

Download phase one user journeys

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Previous updates

In August 2022 a user journey walk-through was hosted, which you can view here:

Proportional treaty

Previous updates

We published the Proportional Treaty user journey in December 2022. Our aim is to support your understanding of the direction of travel to the end state processes for Proportional Treaty business.  

View the proportional treaty user journey