A new way of exploring Blueprint Two

28 April 2023

Model office storyboard

Delve into the open market placement journey in our new interactive space

Lloyd’s and Velonetic are excited to announce the opening of the model office, our innovative new concept to bring Blueprint Two to life.

What is the model office?

The model office is a new, physical space including a video wall and interactive touchscreens.

Starting with open market placement, you can explore how the placement process works, the pain points along the current journey and importantly, the solutions we’re building to make processes better, faster and cheaper. Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll also be able to explore other journeys including open market claims, delegated authority claims, and delegated authority placement.

Where is the model office?

You can find the model office on Gallery 3 of the Lloyd’s building, which is accessible from the escalators in the Underwriting Room. Later this year, it will then expand into a dedicated Velonetic area on Gallery 4.

The new model office is open to everyone with a Lloyd’s pass. You don’t need an invitation - you can visit the space whenever you want to. Bring your colleagues and stakeholders and use the touchscreens to explore the journey and understand the benefits that Blueprint Two will bring to market participants.

How will the model office develop?

The space is flexible and has been designed to add value both today, and in the future, so it can grow to meet the needs of our market.

Looking ahead, we’re also working on creating an online model office – a dedicated digital space that will house the user journeys, and artefacts such as the Foundational Playbooks and API technical specifications. We’ll share further updates as we continue to deliver the model office experience, so watch this space!

We look forward to welcoming you to the model office!

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