Our history pre-2001 to 2023

Velonetic is the new brand identity for the joint ventures powered by DXC Technology, the International Underwriting Association, and Lloyd's of London. We have been operating in the London insurance and reinsurance market for over 20 years so you may be familiar with our previous identities and seen materials that refer to one or more of the following organisations. There will be a transition period as we bring materials in line with the new brand: we will do this on a ‘needs basis’ and where it is appropriate to do so as we retain the joint ventures’ legal identities of Ins-sure Holdings Limited and Xchanging Claims Services Limited.

  • Pre-2001

    • LPSO, LCO, and LPC form Xchanging in 1999.
    • LPSO - Lloyd's Policy Signing Office for all Lloyd's premium and policy signing.
    • LCO - Lloyd's Claims Office for all Lloyd's claiming processing.
    • LPC - London Processing Centre for all Company (ILU and LIRMA) premium policy signing.
  • 2001

    • The Joint Ventures
    • XIS (Ins-sure Holdings Limited) and XCS (Xchanging Claims Services Limited)
    • Xchanging start to provide insurance services within the London market in 2001 alongside Lloyd's and the IUA creating the joint ventures.
  • 2016

    Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) acquire Xchanging

  • 2017

    DXC Technology

    CSC merges with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services (HPES) and rebrands to form DXC

  • 2022

    In January 2022 DXC Technology announces that Lloyd's and London Market Insurance Companies tap DXC Technology to transform the world's largest insurance marketplace. The multi-year agreement is made between DXC Technology, Lloyd's, and the International Underwriting Association (IUA). The agreement also receives support from the Lloyd's Market Association (LMA).

  • 2023

    Velonetic announced as the new brand identity for the joint ventures, replacing all previous identities in our history. 

    Read our news release 'Velonetic - our new brand for the Joint Ventures'

    The legal entities for the joint ventures remain: Ins-sure Holdings Limited and Xchanging Claims Services Limited.