London insurance market processing

We are delighted to share our London insurance market processing statistics for 2023

London insurance market processing statistics for 2023 (1 January to 31 December)

Velonetic plays a central role in the London insurance marketplace for the Lloyd’s and Company markets. These statistics reflect the scale of our activity from placing premiums, assessing, and settling claims, and managing notifications and other transactions for our customers. 

There are increases in a number of key measures, and we continue to achieve an above target average IT SLA.

We are proud of the extensive experience and expertise in our people, and our strong heritage in insurance processing services for our customers. We continue to deliver excellence while also building, shaping, and delivering new digital processing services.

We are looking forward to working with our customers, and all participants in the London insurance market, as we finalise preparations for the cutover to the first phase of digital transformation in 2024! Please see our news item of Thursday 28 March 2024 where we share the new target date of October 2024 for the move to phase one digital services.

London insurance market processing 2023

For reference, we include an infographic with our London insurance market processing statistics for 2022 that we published on our website at launch on 18 September 2023.