Whether you are operating in the Lloyd's or Company Markets, our fees services can help you/your organisation.

Primarily to support claims processing, we provide the following services:

Lloyd's Fee Direct (FD) This is a London Market Central Service, however it is not mandated under the contract. Any or all of Lloyd's Managing Agents can elect to submit work to this service at any time. Company Fees Direct (FD) Contracted Company Market Broker Fees Brokers Expert Fees Service (EFS) The expert: we have over 700 experts (lawyers, auditors etc) subscribed to this service. We provide a credit control activity for customers by going to the market to get approvals to pay their invoices. Once received, we pay the expert according to the services agreed. Enhanced Company Fees This service covers the agreement, processing and payment of the expert fees incurred during the claims process on behalf of individual companies for business that has been written in the Company Market.

We also provide a service in (return) premium processing for Coverholder Audit Fees (CHAF) available to all managing agents, whereby we will also make a direct settlement with the expert where required.

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